Special Offer December

If you could add an extra $100 to your pocket, would you? 

This would seem like a no-brainer answer. Who couldn't use some extra cash, especially with the holidays just around the corner. For the month of December, I wanted to try something new. 

That's to give you 1 month of Chiropractic care for FREE! 

It's simple. When you refer a total of 3 new friends, family members, or neighbors, you will get a free month of care.  Not only that, we will take 20% off their first visit! Making their first visit only $39

This is a win-win-win. (I like to win too you know!) First you get a month of care. Second whoever you send saves 20% off their first visit. And lastly I win because I get to spend Sundays with my family. 

This is only for December and will end on the 20th. 

Once ALL 3 people have shown up to their appointment, you will be credited a free month of care!

This isn’t something we’ve done before, and I’m excited for all the new people that will be able to experience Chiropractic, possibly for even the first time.

How to schedule:

1) Share my schedule with them using this link (It will say $49 for their first visit, but when they mention you sent them it's automatically $39).

2) They can call me at 210-951-0355

3) You can give me their name and number, I will contact them. (Please let them know I will be contacting them)

Will you help me with getting the word out?

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